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Registered Dietician

Healthy eating choices are more than just a decision. In fact, it’s a part of something bigger – a lifestyle.

When you want to stay healthy or recover fast after being ill, you need to work on your health and your eating habits. A Registered Dietician can give you advice on nutrition and food. He or she can also educate you on your current health and what foods to avoid as well as the type of foods that you should get more of. Over-all the goal is to help you achieve a balanced diet that promotes better health for you.

Managing your diet includes:

  • Meal Planning – recipes, nutrient analysis, schedule of intake, portioning, menu choices, etc.
  • Meal Management – budget planning, availability of ingredients and substitutes if necessary
  • Health Conditions – diabetic menu choices for individuals with diabetes, more protein sources for athletes, avoiding food allergies, etc.